Announcing the Graduating Class of 2022

The Graduating Class of 2022

Agnes P.: On my first visit to McKallie’s Home I met little Agnes and her mom, Doris. Agnes was in the first preschool class. Doris and I became fast friends and after school we walked Agnes home. Her family was so proud to welcome us into their home. Her father thanked us for visiting and for having Agnes attend McKallie’s Home. He asked us if we were going to add grades so Agnes could complete her education. The Lord provided and Agnes is in the first graduating class. It has blessed our family to sponsor her and see her grow and mature. Agnes has always been a leader in school plays, a dedicated student and an example to the younger kids. I look forward to what the Lord has planned for Agnes and her future. – Lori Donaldson, Sponsor Family

Yamikani E.: At 4 years old, Yamikani’s grandmother, being of elderly age and considered the poorest of the poor, enrolled him in the new pre-school that had recently been built in her village. Little did she know this would lead to her grandson’s bright future and his ability to  graduate 13 years later at the top of his 12th grade class. Having been abandoned by his parents, his grandmother could never have imagined this dream come true. It was our privilege in June, when we had an early graduation ceremony, to witness the sheer joy and love between this young man and his old grandmother. Yamikani is a very intelligent and compassionate young man who would like to study to become a doctor- a very realistic goal we all feel he can obtain. – Tracy Hills, Founder

Aaron E.: Aaron is a remarkable student of great character. Despite the difficult challenges of living in a traditional village territory without electricity, having to spend time gathering water daily and family challenges Aaron didn’t let anything derail him from achieving his goal of being the first in his family to graduate from 12th grade. Aaron is a quiet and serious student who is kind to everyone. He would like to continue his education to be an engineer one day, an achievable goal for this bright young man. – Tracy Hills, Founder

Yanko C.: We have sponsored Yanko for around 10 years and I cannot begin to explain to you how meaningful it has been for each one of us. Getting his letters quarterly has brought us such joy. We love to see his writing improve and his love for Jesus grow even stronger. He has grown into a young man in front of our eyes. We are so excited to see what the future brings for him and none of this would have been possible without McKallie’s Home. I know that our monthly donation goes directly towards Yanko and to the facilities that help him and the other children learn about God and get an incredible education. I praise God that Tracy Hills and all the others involved have made this their passion and that we can be a small part of it. – Jill Stutzman, Sponsor Family

Imran B.: Imran comes from a family history of people having grown up in our village. Never having had a school near by for family to have attended, Imran was enrolled in our first pre-school class as a 4 year old and has now been a successful member of our first graduating class. Imran would tell you the opportunity to attend McKallies Home, a Christian school and being educated with a biblical world view has been life changing but most important knowing Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Imran is a joyful, smart student with a good sense of humor who wants to continue his studies as an engineer. – Tracy Hills, Founder

Kenneth M.: Kenneth began attending McKallie’s pre-school as one of the original first students. Shortly after his mother became a house mother who lived at McKallie’s Home with Kenneth and his sister while she also cared for a couple of other children needing a home and new family. It wasn’t too many years later that sadly his mother died. On her death bed she made it clear to all, her wish was for her children to stay and remain in our family. Kenneth has grown into a fine young man who seeks the heart of God. He’s an intelligent student who has always loved learning and excelled in all subjects or anything he attempts. He has been a natural leader and also has a great singing voice which he enjoys sharing. He would like to continue his studies to become an immigration officer. – Tracy Hills, Founder

Jean Y.: Jean came to McKallie’s Home as a very young child. Living with her mother and many siblings they suffered greatly to simply survive. Despite living in a home with walls that were continually falling down and primarily only eating while at school, Jean succeeded in her studies. Truly a remarkable young girl who has risen above enormous difficulties and proven herself as a great student and leader among all. She’s eager to learn new things and to be open to wise counsel from a biblical perspective as demonstrated by her breaking of a traditional “coming of age ceremony” and refusing to participate. Instead, counseling with one of McKallie’s Home’s godly women. Jean demonstrates courage and has the tenacity to change the world around her for the kingdom of God. She would like to continue her studies in the medical field. – Tracy Hills, Founder