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 I’d like to share with you the words one of our sponsored children wrote back to their family here in Idaho recently. Written exactly as he wrote it.

“I hope you are good. I am in 4th grade now.  We will plant our crops very soon after the rain falls. We will celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus soon so let us pre-pare him away in our heart to be born in us. Love McDonald”

McDonald is from a family of 6 children.  Only the oldest child was able to go to school until I invited him and his 4 other brothers to come to ours.  His family suffers greatly from abject poverty. Coming to school is the highlight of their life and the place they eat most of their meals.  McDonald’s older brother was given the name of Mavuto which translated means Trouble!  Recently Patrick and I discovered, that all on his own he had changed his name to Madalitso which means Blessing. Why?  Because he now had hope!  The hope of a bright future, the encouragement of people who believed in him and he felt the love of Jesus and the love from us at McKallie’s Home.  He began to believe in and see himself differently. 

Trying to explain the circumstances we encounter each day ministering in a poverty-stricken village is one of my greatest challenges.  Many real-life experiences I’m unable to share publically in order to protect our children. Jesus tells his disciples, past, and present to give away love lavishly, to use gifts and authority and preparedness to serve practically, and to find solutions to address the brokenness around us near or far.  He also asks us to remember that sometimes there are more important things than tasks being completed and goals being reached.  It may simply be sitting in deep humility with those you love who are experiencing pain.  For me, it is sitting and listening to children describe how they have no food at home or children being abandoned and alone as head of households in charge of younger siblings.  Patrick along with the team and I work to alleviate this suffering daily while working to provide long-term solutions.

In living out the compassion of Jesus to our children we stand between the hope knowing Jesus brings and the hurt and brokenness our children experience every day.  At McKallies Home we concentrate on what we can do not what we can’t. We work to seek justice and safety for our children, educate and empower them to believe all things are possible through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Few of you will ever travel to Malawi, Africa yet you have faithfully been on this journey with us!  Your support in offerings, prayers, and concern has and is changing lives! You can joyfully celebrate how children’s lives in a far off village are transformed by the hope and dignity that comes in the tangible good news of the birth of Jesus Christ! 

May this Christmas season bring you the peace and joy you have so generously shared with the children in Malawi.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Tracy Hills

Recent News

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Past News

September 21st 2008 – McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope Opens

During a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony McKallie herself shared with a crowd of hundreds of African villagers the story of how the Lord gave her a new home with new parents, a new future and a hope, bridging the gap for the world’s orphans, vulnerable and abused children that transcends all continents.  With inspiring words she said it was her prayer for the children who would live in McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope Children Village that they too would be given through our Lord Jesus Christ a future and a hope with new families, new homes and a new beginning. With that she cut the ribbon and opened the gate. There was not much more to say but to God be all the glory!

We give thanks to all of you who have supported, donated and prayed for us!

For more details on the opening and progress of the school please visit our blog and photo gallery.

June, 2008 – Making progress in phase one!

School opens in September and will be dedicated to the village September 20th in special a ceremony. With incredible village support we are all very excited as we move forward.

It was great to have my husband Jerre with me in Malawi in February. A great source of support and wisdom especially when it comes to construction as we prepare for our school opening. Our initial phase will consist of targeting a high risk age group of children ages 2 through 7. Throughout our village territory children will be selected by our project manager and village authorities (chief and assistants) who are considered either high risk, vulnerable, or orphaned living with extended families. It is our plan to provide these children with early education fundamentals as well as a nutrionally sound meal a day. This is will serve as community based care for some of the surrounding village children as we continue to prepare for the orphans who will be placed in our care long term.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

October, 2007 – Great news! Just 13 meters below ground an abundance of water was drilled.

As hundreds of local villagers looked on and in just a few short minutes water began coming out of the bore hole with great force indicating a great supply. We are truely thankful. Another amazing step to completing the vision for orpah care in Malawi.October, 2007 – Great news! Just 13 meters below ground an abundance of water was drilled. As hundreds of local villagers looked on and in just a few short minutes water began coming out of the bore hole with great force indicating a great supply. We are truely thankful. Another amazing step to completing the vision for orpah care in Malawi.

Also this fall as we reach out to the surrounding village to begin community based programs, Mike a young man who works with us has invested in the young people by providing soccor clubs twice a week.

This is a great opportunity to mentor kids and let them know we are there because we care about all of them.

They practice skills then he splits them up for games. It was great to witness his example to these young kids.

July 01, 2007 – McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope has recently broke ground on its land in Malawi Africa.

A licensed local contractor and crew who will also employ local villagers has set up temporary residence on our land and has begun the building process. Expected date for completion is 36 weeks. It is projected we will be ready to take children in off the streets and village as soon as early 2008. Village Chief M’dala could not be happier, or more supportive of our progress and for the children we will be able to care for.

Over the next 36 weeks those involved with McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope contribute as well as fund raise the
approx $180.000 needed to complete phase one of the children’s village planning. We know where God gives a vision He provides the provision. We are thankful to God for the efficient, timely manner in which this project has progressed. The wounded and hurting children can’t wait!