In June we kicked off a program called POWER – a youth program focusing on the concepts of Purity, Others,  Wellness, Excellence in academics, and Reconciliation with Jesus.

Village kids have no resources for productive activities after school and on Saturdays, and they have nothing to occupy their time with. We developed a boys and girls club that offers a place of belonging and productive activities to enhance their growth and experiences. We want to give them a place where they receive positive mentoring, help with homework, organized activities, coping & life skills, and much more.

The POWER kid’s club in severe poverty areas has been successful in helping children and youth understand that generational poverty and current circumstances do not have to determine the trajectory of their future or affect God’s plan for their lives.

All of our children come from extremely adverse living conditions. Having a place of belonging and ongoing mentoring with the support and activities of a boys and girls club we believe is another life-changing opportunity enhancing the ability for their future success.

We have a qualified person who has been doing a trial program since June with great success. They are educated in the areas needed and act as a positive role model for the children.

“Although the world is full of
suffering, it is full also of
the overcoming of it.”
Helen Keller