We have sponsored Yanko for around 10 years and I cannot begin to explain to you how meaningful it has been for each one of us. Getting his letters quarterly has brought us such joy. We love to see his writing improve and his love for Jesus grow even stronger. He has grown into a young man in front of our eyes. We are so excited to see what the future brings for him and none of this would have been possible without McKallie’s Home. I know that our monthly donation goes directly towards Yanko and to the facilities that help him and the other children learn about God and get an incredible education. I praise God that Tracy Hills and all the others involved have made this their passion and that we can be a small part of it.

On my first visit to McKallie’s Home I met little Agnes and her mom, Doris. Agnes was in the first preschool class. Doris and I became fast friends and after school we walked Agnes home. Her family was so proud to welcome us into their home. Her father thanked us for visiting and for having Agnes attend McKallie’s Home. He asked us if we were going to add grades so Agnes could complete her education. The Lord provided and Agnes is in the first graduating class. It has blessed our family to sponsor her and see her grow and mature. Agnes has always been a leader in school plays, a dedicated student and an example to the younger kids. I look forward to what the Lord has planned for Agnes and her future.

This is a place of miracles and lives changed!! An abandoned child now in a family who loves him. What a transformation in such a short time! Mom says these two are like glue. He loves his new big sister!